Key Innovations from the Lab

  • Magnetic Blood Purification - for the treatment of sepsis (now translated by Hemotune - first in man 2024)
  • AnastoSeal - first-of-its-kind surgical sealant and ultrasound-based detection of complications deep inside the body (now translated by Veltist)
  • SensAL - naked-eye sensor for the detection of post-operative complications
  • NanoGlue - Nanoparticle-based tissue glue actively supporting the different phases of wound healing and countering wound infections (now translated by Anavo Medical)
  • PreXision - radiocatalytically active inorganic oxide nanoparticles for radio- and proton therapy augmentation
  • iSoldering - intelligent laser tissue soldering enabling seamless tissue fusion in open as well as endoscopic/robotic surgery
  • MenstruAI - non-invasive health monitoring based on menstruation blood (now translated by MenstruAI)
  • EndoStop - First-of-its-kind endometriosis treatment


- Hemotune

- Anavo Medical (CEO: Dr Tino Matter)

- Veltist (CEO: Dr Alex Anthis)

- MenstruAI 

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