Musculoskeletal Health 

Together with clinical partners at Balgrist, we design and develop materials based solutions for the most pressing clinical needs in musculoskeletal health. We work on smart implants, high-performance adhesives, tissue augmentation, infection sensing as well as novel functional contrast agents for advanced imaging.

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Wound Healing & Infections

Recognizing the inherent challenges in traditional wound care and the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections, we harness the unique properties of inorganic nanomaterials. These nanomaterials, with their versatile and adaptable characteristics, play a pivotal role in supporting the multifaceted phases of wound healing. From inflammation control to tissue regeneration, our nanomaterial formualtions have demonstrated a capability to enhance the body's natural healing process. Venturing into the domain of infection prevention, we utilize inorganic antimicrobials to develop treatments that offer a robust defense against a broad spectrum of pathogens, thereby circumventing the issues associated with conventional antibiotics. Additionally, we develop conceptionally novel infection sensors to detect deep tissue wound infections.

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Cancers (Sarcoma)

Leveraging their unique ability to absorb ionizing radiation and release the resultant secondary electrons into surrounding tissue, nanoparticles can intensify the radiation dose, thereby augmenting cellular damage in tumor cells. Based on a sound mechanistic understanding, we design nanoparticle radioenhancers, which catalytically generate radicals upon irradiation. This approach holds the promise of enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of radiation therapy while simultaneously reducing the risk of side effects.

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Visceral & Transplant

Since 10+ years, we work closely with visceral and transplantation surgeons to prevent and detect early anastomotic leaks, treat sepsis and develop new surgical technologies that integrate with surgical robots.

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Cardiovascular & Women's Health

We work with OB/GYN specialists  and surgeons in the fight against preclampsia, endometriosis, peritoneal metastases, early cancer detection, etc.

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