Zollikofer Award 2024

...for innovation in minimally invasive & robotic surgery. Awarded work by Oscar Cipolato et al. Nanothermometry-enabled intelligent surgery.


SNSF Grant

We are thrilled that the Swiss National Science Foundation supports our project in collaboration with brilliant surgeons (Prof. Zindel & Prof. Liska)!


Conferences 2025

We will be organizing a conference at Pontresina in Jan 2025 on serosal healing (with Prof. Zindel) and another one in Monte Verita in Nov 2025 on surgical materials and technology innovation.

New Endometriosis Treatment

New Endometriosis Treatment

We present the first ever mechanical treatment approach to endometriosis. For more, see Anthis et al. Advanced Materials.

Catalytic Activity governed by Protein Corona

Catalytic Activity governed by Protein Corona

We show how the protein corona governs catalytic activity and uptake of metal oxide nanomaterials. See Nissler et al. Small.

Inge co-chaired IWMPI2024

Inge co-chaired IWMPI2024

Inge chaired a very successful IWMPI2024 with Prof. Hans Hug featuring keynotes by Prof. Brad Nelson, Prof. Bernhard Dieny, Prof. Paola Tiberto and Prof. Dieter Süss! 

iSoldering featured in TV

iSoldering featured in TV

Oscar's work on iSoldering featured on Swiss and German TV

Laser statt Nadel & Faden | TeleZüri (

Image-guided Surgery

Image-guided Surgery

We present an image-guided surgery approach for ceramic fracture removal from soft tissue. See Nissler et al. Adv. Healthcare Mater.

Gold theme trophy with background fade hexagon pattern on stadium,win concept.

Veltist nomintated for Viktor Award

Veltist is nominated as newcomer of the year for the Viktor Award! Congrats!

Exciting new project

Exciting new project

...with the Balgrist spine surgeons! #OR-X  #surgeryofthefuture

Equitable medical innovation

Teaching equitable and inclusive innovation course

Inge is teaching a new course at ETH und UZH on equitable and inclusive medical technology innovation!

Women in Science Day (WIS)

Celebrating Women in Science (WIS) Day!

We promote equity and inclusion and advance women's health!

ETH Silver Medal 2023

ETH Silver Medal 2023

Lukas has been awarded the 2023 ETH silver medal for his outstanding doctoral thesis on the design of radiotherapy enhancing nanoparticles.

Latsis Prize 2023

Latsis Prize 2023

Inge wins the 2023 Latsis Prize form ETH Zurich for outstanding research performed at ETH Zurich.

(Photo: A. Della Bella)

Lopez Loreta Award

Lopez Loreta Award

Alex Anthis, former doctoral student and now CEO of Veltist wins the prestigious Lopez Loreta Award from ETH Zurich worth 1M Euro. Congrats, Alex!

(Photo: A. Della Bella)

selective focus photography of multicolored confetti lot

PHRT Grant awarded

... to advance our innovative approach to clinics together with KSSG, Cleveland Clinics and Charles University! Yay!

2023 Largiadèr Award

2023 Largiadèr Award

Honored to win the 2023 Largiadèr Award from the Swiss Surgical Society.

MIT 35u35 List

MIT 35u35 List

Former doctoral student and now CEO of Anavo Medical listed on MIT 35 under 35 List. Congrats, Tino!

2023 ETH MaP Award

2023 ETH MaP Award

Lukas has been awarded a prize at this years ETH MaP Award ceremony for his doctoral thesis

Poster Award for Oscar

Poster Award for Oscar

Poster Award from Geistlich Regenerative Medicine for Oscar at MaP. Congrats Oscar!

ETH DocMobility Fellowship (Harvard)

ETH DocMobility Fellowship (Harvard)

Ben wins an ETH Doc Mobility Fellowship and will be at Harvard/Boston Children's Hospital for 6 months. Congrats, Ben!

Ben's paper in Advanced Science

Ben's paper in Advanced Science

featured on the news! Congrats Ben & Alex.

The Empa Trifecta!

The Empa Trifecta!

Subas wins the best presentation award, Oscar the best poster and Anna the scientifc image competition! Congrats to this rockstar team.

Forbes 30 under 30

Forbes 30 under 30

Alex featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 List with his Spinoff Veltsist. Congrats Alex

Docs@MAVT Award

Docs@MAVT Award

Charlotte wins the 3rd prize at the Docs@MAVT Award 2023! Super Charlotte!


05/24 Next Generation Implant Symposium happening July 18 & 19. Led by Robert.

05/24 Zollikofer Award 2024 for iSoldering! Congrats Oscar & team!

05/24 Oscar's worked featured at the Hamlyn Symposium!

05/24 Lukas' and Oscar's videos shortlisted for the Nature Video Competition!

05/24 Grant for our MenstruAI technology

04/24 SNSF Grant approved! Excited to continue our close collaboration with leading surgeons Prof. Zindel and Prof. Liska!

03/24 Fantastic presentations by  Erik and Subas (together with Justin and Huimin) at the IWMPI2024! Super congrats!

03/24 Erik's patent is filed! Congrats

03/24 Robert's 2nd paper of the year accepted in Small (receiving outstanding reviews ranking it in top 5% of all submissions)

03/24 iSoldering featured on TeleZüri

01/24 Oscar's work featured in the news (incl. 20 Minuten and German TV!)

01/24 With our IWMPI Conference we won support from the SNSF!

01/24 Second paper of the year accepted for publication in Advanced Materials! Congrats Alex A., Samuel, Paige, Charlotte, Oscar, and all our collaborators!

01/24 First paper of the year accepted! A super nice image-guided surgery approach for ceramic fracture removal! Congrats Robert! 

01/24 We had a fantastic lab retreat with our surgeon friends Joel, Thomas and Sima!

12/23 Lab Holiday Party at Food Zurich! Wishing you happy holidays and a fantastic start into 2024!

12/23 Yay! One last grant approved before the end of the year.

12/23 Very inspiring final presentations by our Medical Technology Innovation Master Students (MTI Lecture)! Thank you also for the fantastic teaching evaluation :)

12/23 Successful Robotics Session in IMTE with Oscar, Georg and Dennis. Yay!

12/23 Inge gave an invited talk at this year's MRS!

11/23 We promoted MAVT and MechE studies at the LIMES Schülerinnen Tag

11/23 ETH Tag: two major awards to our lab: Lopez Loreta to Alex Anthis and Latsis Prize to Inge!

11/23 Latsis Prize awarded to Inge at the Latsis Symposium in Geneva

11/23 We won a major SFA-PHRT grant to advance our SensAL technology to clinics!

11/23 Hosting surgeon Dr Andrea Quiroga (visiting clinician) and ETH Japan Fellow Heongyu Kang! Welcome!

10/23 Lucas' patent filed

10/23 Monika's 1st first author paper accepted! Great collaboration with the Lukatskaya Lab!

09/23 *** We partially re-​located to the Balgrist Campus (next to OR-​X) and Irchel (Chemistry) in addition to our labs at ML F16-​20 ***

08/23 Exciting BSc, Semester, MSc and Intership projects available at the interface of Engineering X Medicine!

07/23 Hosting surgeon and superstar scientist Prof. Zindel from the Uni Bern for a seminar

07/23 Excited to be back at the Experimental Surgery Summer School in Pilsen! The 4th year we are contributing with lectures.

07/23 Some more exciting awards for our team!

07/23 Subas' paper in collaboration with Prof. Hans Hug accepted!

06/23 Ben's first 1st author paper published in Advanced Science and featured on the news (Altmetric top 5%)

06/23 Lukas (doctoral award) and Oscar (Geistlich Rengeneration Award) win awards at this year's MaP graduate symposium @ETH.

05/23 Tino listed on the MIT 35 under 35 Europe list! Congrats Tino.

03/23 Charlotte wins 3rd prize at the Doc@MAVT event! Congrats Charlotte!

03/23 Our medical doctor's second first author manuscript accepted for publication! Congrats Thomas!

02/23 Our Advanced Functional Material Cover Article on mIPN adhesives is amongst the most downloaded articles!

02/23 Super exciting and successful field trip by Paige, Sarina, Clara & Alex to our collaborators at the LiskaLab.

02/23 Congratulations Tino on the Bridge grant - Phase II!

01/23 Congratulations to Subas on securing the first ever Empa Entrepreneur Fellowship!

01/23 Congratulations Oscar on the best rapid fire presentation award and Anna for the best poster at the SSB+RM!

12/22 Congratulations to all our ETH Medical Technology Innovations Students for their fantastic final presentations! Hugely impressive and inspiring!

12/22 Inge selected as 2022 ACS rising star. The ACS Rising Star 2022 issue featuring our perpective is external pageonlinecall_made!

12/22 Alice's paper accepted in Small Methods! Congrats Alice & team!

12/22 Alex' paper published in external pageNature Commcall_made! Congrats Alex & all!

11/22 Lukas has been awarded the Young Talent Award at the Zukunftssymposium Hepatologie 2030!

11/22 Alex J.'s artwork auctioned at Kunsthaus Zurich to support ETH Excellence Fellows /AI Center

11/22 Site visit to Institut für Raumforschung at University Stuttgart with Veerle Sterken #cosmicdust

11/22 Tino was awarded the Hilti Arward at this year's ETH day for the best PhD

11/22 Hattrick at the PhD Symposium 2022 - best presentation (Subas), best poster (Oscar) and best science image (Anna)

09/22 Ben awarded with ETH Doc.Mobility Fellowship for a 6-​month stay at Harvard!

09/22 Inge awarded with the Smoluchowski Award 2022 recognizing outstanding research contributions to aerosol sciences!

09/22 Congratulations Alex Anthis on the DPCI PhD Student Award 2022 (Polymers, Colloids and Interfaces) by the Swiss Chemical Society

09/22 Alex wins the audience award and the 2nd prize at the 3i pitching contest

09/22 Lukas wins the prestigious Empa Young Scientist Fellowship (sucess rate of <10%) by the Dietschweiler Foundation! Congrats!

09/22 Alex wins the ETH Zurich MaP Award 2022 for the best doctoral thesis in the area of materials and processes at ETH! Second MaP award for the group after Tino's win in 2021

08/22 Lukas winns Science Communications Creativity Award for composing a song about his research!

07/22 Congratulations to our postdoc Robert Nissler on his ETH Career Seed Award!

06/22 Lukas' paper accepted in external pageNature Communicationscall_made! Congrats Lukas!

05/22 Alex Anthis has been included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list with his startup veltist! Congrats Alex!!

04/22 Oscar's research presented at the SPIE Photonics Europe covered by external pageThe Economistcall_made! Congrats Oscar!

04/22 Successful field trip to Pilsen with Alex A., Ben, Alex J., Anna and Augustin! #experimental surgery

03/22 Our medical doctor Thomas' first 1st author paper accepted! Big congrats Thomas, Elena and Alex G.!

03/22 Lukas work featured on the media and in the Empa Annual Report. ... and there is more to come! Congrats Lukas!

01/22 We are super happy to be part of the ACS Materials Au Rising Stars inaugural class!

01/22 One more patent filed. Congrats Alex and Ben!

01/22 Our research highlighted as part of the RSC Nanoscale Emerging Investigator series 

01/21 Check out our exciting BSc, semester and MSc projects on sirop!

01/22 New research grants for AnastoSEAL (we will soon be recruiting a postdoc).

12/21 ETH Grant for NSE Lab! We are looking forward to more exciting discoveries!

12/21 Bridge Grant and Coup de Pouce Award for Tino Matter! Congratulations.

12/21 Oscar's patent filed! Congrats Oscar!

12/21 Our research featured in the ETH Jahresrückblick

12/21 MRS Fall Meeting offically over with 5 NSEL talks and 3 poster contributions. See you next year in Boston again

11/21 Huge congratulations to Lukas Gerken on winning the young investigator best presentation award at the iNanoTherad in Paris!

11/21 Congratulations Alex Anthis and Subas Scheibler on winning the 2nd prize at the Sintetica Innovation Award!

11/21 Congrats Tino on winning the ETH Medal for an outstanding doctoral thesis.

11/21 Our future postdoc Dr Robert Nissler passed his viva with flying colors and was awarded highest distinction (summa cum laude). Congrats Robert, and welcome to ETH!

11/21 Massive congratulations to Alex Anthis on winning Empa's Research Award 2021 with his Adv Funct Mater paper! 

10/21 Inge wins the ETH Dandelion Special Award for championing interdisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurship!

08/21 AnastoSEAL featured on the external pagenewscall_made.

08/21 Check out our exciting BSc, semester and MSc projects on external pagesiropcall_made!

07/21 SwissLife and CG Foundation are supporting our research. PhD position opening soon.

07/21 Exciting times during our visit to our collaborator's site in Pilsen. #experimentalsurgery #engineersintheOR

07/21 Congrats to NSEL postdoc Fabian on winning an ETH career seed grant and an SNF International Visit Fellowship for Hamburg!

07/21 Welcome to our new PhD student Benjamin!

07/21 Lockdown project paper on extracellular vesicles together with Gregor Fuhrmann and Matthew Wood is finally out in Nature Nano!

06/21 Congrats Alex on winning an ETH Pioneer Fellowship with AnastoSEAL!

06/21 Congrats anavo on winning the Swiss Nanotech Startup of the year award at the Swiss NanoConvention 2021!

06/21 Anavo was selected as the winner of this year's startup days Healtech startup!

06/21 Congrats to Tino Matter on winning the ETH MaP Award 2021 for his doctoral research!

06/21 Congrats to NSEL postdoc Alice on her new job! She's gonna be a professor starting in spring 2022!

06/21 Grant approved to bring the nanoglue technology to clinics together with great partners from ETH, Inselspital and UniZH!

05/21 Congrats Alex on a very successful doctoral defense and on winning the Chemistry Travel Award 2021 awarded by the Swiss Chemical Society just the day after the defense.

05/21 Welcome to our new PhD student Erik!

04/21 Intracellular multi-​resistant bacteria killing featured in the news.

04/21 Patent filed!

04/21 Paper in collaboration with the Inselspital accepted in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering! Congrats Ioana and Tino!

03/21 Lukas paper on radioenhancement accepted in Chemistry of Materials! Congrats Lukas!

02/21 Tino's paper accepted in Nanoscale and featured in the Emerging Investigator Issue 2021!

02/21 Check out Alex' latest paper in external pageAdv Funct Matercall_made reporting a new tissue adhesion mechanism. Article featured on the external pagefront covercall_made!

02/21 Monika (doctoral student) and Alice (postdoc) join the lab! Welcome!

01/21 Patent filed!

12/20 Dr Kerda Keevend has been awarded the "1st special prize of the President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences" for "the most elegant research work". Congrats Kerda!

12/20 Our technology "Nanoglue" wins the Empa Innovation Award 2020!

12/20 Please watch our external pagevideocall_made! We have exciting research projects available.

12/20 Check out the external pageblog post and seminar on CCLEMcall_made and Kerda's work by Delmic!

11/20 The Gebauer and the vonTobel Foundations support our newest research endeavours! We are excited!

11/20 Inge joins the Executive Board of the ETH SFA Personalized Health and Related Technologies Program and the ETH AI Center as Affiliated Faculty.

11/20 Delighted that our Innosuisse project with Hemotune on developing a new method to detect nanoparticles in tissue has been approved!

11/20 Hemotune and Anavo (formerly Nanoglue) win 1st and 3rd place at the Swiss Technology Award! Congratulations!

11/20 Judith Ng (University of Toronto) joins to group as PhD student! Welcome Judith!

10/20 Fabian's article Precision in thermal therapy: clinical requirements and solutions from nanotechnology accepted in Advanced Therapeutics! #openaccess

10/20 Oscar joins the group as PhD student! Welcome Oscar!

09/20 Alex Anthis' manuscript accepted in Advanced Functional Materials!

09/20 Tino Matter passed his doctoral exam with flying colours! Congrats!

09/20 Congrats to Kerda on her 5th first author manuscript from her PhD. First-​in-field cathodoluminescence immunotargeting accepted for publication in external pageSmallcall_made! ... and featured on the cover!

09/20 Alex Anthis wins the Future of Future of Health Ideas Competition Medtronic Award! Congrats Alex!

08/20 Tino's review article written together with two leading wound care specialists accepted in Pharmaceutics!

08/20 Pioneer Fellowship for Tino Matter! Congrats Tino!

07/20 Kerda's manuscript on cathodoluminescence bioimaging accepted in external pageNanoscalecall_made! Great collaboration with Toon Coenen from Delmic/AMOLF. Congrats Kerda!

05/20 - Anna's manuscript accepted in external pageNanoscale Advancescall_made! Congrats Anna, Lukas, Kerda & Alex! #openaccess

05/20 - Delighted that Tino's manuscript on biotransformation of metal oxides was accepted in external pageAdvanced Sciencecall_made! Congrats Tino, Jian & Kerda! #openaccess

04/20 - Pascal's manuscript accepted in external pageAdvanced Science!call_made Great collaboration with PTL! Congrats Pascal & Lukas!

02/20 - Watch Inge's Inagural Lecture at ETH Zurich online!

01/20 - Congratulations Anna on the best presentation award (2nd prize) at the Young Scientist Symposium SBB+RM at ETH!

01/20 - First paper of the year accepted in Acta Biomaterialia! In collaboration with various groups from UCL.

12/19 - Delighted that the Krebsliga supports our precision radiotherapy project!

12/19 - Congrats Tino on the best presentation award at the Empa PhD Symposium 2019!

11/19 - Alex' 2nd first author manuscript of this year got accepted for publication in ACS AMI! Congrats Alex!!

11/19 - Super happy that our immunoCCLEM project got funded by the SNF SPARK program!

11/19 - Tino wins Amercian Institute of Chemical Engineering Annual Meeting (AIChE 2019) Graduate Student Award (2nd prize, Inorganic Materials)! Congrats Tino!

11/19 - Alex' paper featured on the front cover of Analyst!

11/19 - 10 oral presentations by our lab at the AIChE Annual 2019! Great discussions and feedback!

11/19 - Kerda successfully defended her PhD on Nov 7, the night before we left to Miami/Orlando, FL for the AIChE Annual Meeting! Congrats Kerda!!!

10/19 - Nanoglue successfully completed VentrureKick stage II!

09/19 - Alex' paper on mineral characterization in human placenta tissue (together with UCL and KSSG) accepted in Analyst. Congrats Alex!

08/19 - Kerda's paper on correlative cathodoluminescence electron microscopy accepted in Nano Letters! Congrats Kerda, Lukas, Tino and Jian-​Hao!

07/19 - Nanoglue is part of VentureKick!

06/19 - We are grateful to the OPO Foundation for supporting our project with the Immunobiology Lab at the local hospital (KSSG)!

05/19 - Welcome to the new PhD students Subas and Anna!

03/19 - Tino's startup Nanoglue made it into the top6 at the European Startup Summit! Congrats Tino!

12/18 - Tino's paper on ceria bioactivity accepted in ACS AMI! Congrats Tino and Lea!

12/18 - Lukas' paper on radioenhancement in collaboration with the ETH and the University Hospital Zurich accepted in ACS AMI! Congrats Lukas, Kerda and Tino!

11/18 - Swiss National Science Foundation Eccellenza Award 2018!

11/18 - Delighted that our grant application together with Dr Bertazzo (UCL), Prof. Obrist (ARTORG), Prof. Carrel (Inselspital) and Prof. Thürlimann (KSSG) is supported by the ETH Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT) program!

11/18 - Kerda was the chairwoman of this year's PhD symposium with more participants than ever before! Well done Kerda!

11/18 - Tino and Ioana's nanoglue paper in collaboration with the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department (University Hospital Bern) accepted!

10/18 - Tino's research & master thesis award featured by SNI!

08/18 - We are grateful to the Novartis FreeNovation Program and the Olga Mayenfisch Foundation for supporting our research activities!

08/18 - Joint paper with ETH's PTL and the USZ - check it out here!

06/18 - Joint paper with our colleagues from Thun on electrodeposited steel has been accepted for publication in Surface & Coatings Technology

03/18 - Tino's research on surgical glues featured on international TV program (ZDF). Aired April 9!

03/18 - Joint paper with the Sotiriou lab at Karolinska on dynamic bioimaging accepted!

02/18 - Kerda's meltPEGylation manuscript has been accepted for publication in Chem Comm! Check it out here!

12/17 - We are very grateful to the Bangerter Rhyner Foundation, Helmut Horten Stiftung, Novartis, the Swiss Heart Foundation and the SNF for supporting our research in the coming years!

12/17 - Tino has won the Award for the Best Master Thesis in Nanoscience (Swiss Nanoscience Institute, SNI, University of Basel) for his thesis work on surgical adhesives in our group at Empa. Congratulations!!!

11/17 - Kerda has won the Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2017 Empa PhD Symposium! Congrats!!!

09/17 - Semester and Master Thesis projects available! Get in touch!

08/17 - Tino's paper on surgical adhesives published in Nanoscale has been featured in the Nanoscale blog and national and international newspapers! Altmetric Top 5% of all research outputs!

07/17 - Paper on magnetic cell removal published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces! In collaboration with AMI's Marco Lattuada, and the Bertazzo group at UCL!

06/17 - Paper on extracellular vesicles and infectious diseases in collaboration with the Fuhrmann lab at HIPS accepted in EJPB

05/17 - Watch the Magnetic Blood Purification Revisited! lecture given at last year's CLINAM!

03/17 - Kerda's Correlative cathodoluminescene electron microscopy (CCLEM) paper featured on the back cover of Nanoscale!

11/16 - Kerda Keevend has been awarded a Best Oral Presentation Award for her presentation on correlative bioimaging at the 2016 PhD symposium. Congratulations Kerda!

06/16 - Magnetic Blood Purification has been featured in the news (nanowerk, innovation report and Switzerland's most widely read newspaper, amongst others), Altmetric Top 5%!

04/16 - Theranostic blood purification manuscript is featured on the back cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2016). Empa collaboration with AMI's M. Lattuada and Harvard's G. Pier.